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Private Pediatric Stuttering Therapy



Speech Works SRQ is a private speech and stuttering therapy practice serving children, teens, and adults in our Sarasota, FL clinic, and online throughout the state. 

We specialize in comprehensive evaluations and individualized therapy services for stuttering and speech delays and disorders, including articulation and phonological disorders. Services are offered in our Sarasota, FL clinic and online.


It is our commitment to listen to your lived experiences, care about your challenges and concerns, and collaboratively design a therapy plan that is unique to you.

Meet Jen
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Jennifer Scharf, M.A., CCC-SLP


Jennifer Scharf, M.A., CCC-SLP

Hi, I’m Jen! 


I founded Speech Works SRQ to provide both children and adults with high-quality stuttering and speech therapy in a welcoming and supportive environment. I am passionate about helping the people I serve to attain their communication goals and improve their connection with themselves and others.


It is my goal to help my clients take advantage of every opportunity available to them in life, without a speech difference holding them back. I am committed to their growth and success... continue reading




At Speech Works SRQ, we offer comprehensive speech and stuttering evaluations. Through a combination of standardized testing, a speech-language sample, observation, therapist-client interaction, and client/parent interviews, we are able to develop an understanding of our clients' skills, challenges, and strengths. Following the evaluation, we will review the results with parents/clients along with our recommendation. Together we will develop a therapy plan along with targeted goals that align with our client's preferences and needs. 


At Speech Works SRQ, we address speech delays and disorders using evidence-based approaches with fun and interactive activities. Working with a variety of different techniques, we cultivate the child's ability to establish accurate sound production. We frequently invite parents to observe and join in on sessions so that they feel comfortable guiding their child’s home practice. Speech therapy can help a child increase overall speech intelligibility, produce age-appropriate speech sounds, effectively communicate wants and needs, and reduce feelings of frustration or self-consciousness about speaking.


We take a functional and child-centered approach to providing pediatric stuttering therapy services. For younger children, we embed therapy into play-based activities while also dedicating time to educating the family about stuttering and strategies to support their child at home. When working with school-age clients, therapy focuses on gaining knowledge about stuttering, reducing negative attitudes and perceptions surrounding stuttering, and being an effective and confident communicator. We spend time re-framing the experience of stuttering, reducing tension during speech, and reducing avoidant behaviors. Our goal is to guide our clients to be confident communicators and to fully participate in life.  


We take a highly collaborative approach to working with teens and adults who stutter. Teens and adults who stutter bring years of lived experience to the process, and we prioritize meaningful goals to improve communication and overall life participation. We infuse education into our sessions, equipping our clients with advanced knowledge about stuttering, improved self-advocacy skills, and speech strategies tailored to the individual. We want our clients to express themselves freely so they can live the life they want and to present who they truly are with one part of their identity being a person who stutters. 


*We also support adults seeking therapy for speech sounds on request.






Clients located in Southwest Florida are welcome to join us for sessions at the clinic. Our office space is a private and inviting environment for speech therapy.

Online speech therapy is available for all Florida, Ohio and New Jersey residents. Teletherapy allows us to offer our specialized services to clients outside of our region or those with scheduling or time constraints. 

Teen Speech and Stuttering Therapy in Florida
"The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determines our quality of life."
- Tony Robbins





We will begin with a free phone consultation to answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and make recommendations on the next steps. Click here to schedule your free consult.

Participate in a formal speech evaluation. Based on results, we will make recommendations about therapy frequency, and collaborate with you to form an individualized treatment plan with meaningful goals.

Begin attending regular speech therapy sessions. Progress will be continually charted, and we will have ongoing discussions about the course of treatment.

Speech Works SRQ is an approved provider for Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (formally the Gardiner Scholarship). The Family Empowerment Scholarship provides eligible students, ages 3-22, scholarship money to be used for approved services such as speech therapy.

Interested in learning if you qualify for the Family Empowerment Scholarship? Click here to visit Step Up for Students for more information. 

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"She made more progress with Jen in a few months than she had made in an entire year in kindergarten"

Jen worked with my first grader for the better part of a year. Because this was during COVID, they worked remotely via Zoom, which meant that I got an unusually close look at the work they did together. She was patient and so kind, but also really detailed with her. She made more progress with Jen in a few months than she had made in an entire year in kindergarten. My daughter loved working with Jen and always looked forward to their sessions together despite the fact that by this point she was definitely experiencing "Zoom fatigue". I can't recommend her highly enough!

- Barbara M., Parent

"Jen is a prime example of the best blend of professionalism and personality."

When looking for therapy help, I look for special people who bring a combination of professional integrity and personal care.  Jen is a prime example of the best blend of professionalism and personality.  In addition to her professional credentials, experience, and commitment, she embodies the most exceptional ability to empathize, support, and encourage parents, young people, teens, and adults.  In a world of challenges, Jen is the kind of person I would wish for, as a guide and resource in my corner.  I rarely feel as enthusiastic as I do recommending Jen.  

Uri Schneider, MA CCC-SLP,

Speech-Language Pathologist

"She really helps with gaining confidence in going out and being who you really are"

Jen's therapy is about talking easier and overcoming your fear of what people think about you or how they treat you. She really helps with gaining confidence in going out and being who you really are. Not hiding your stutter, but educating people about stuttering. Time and money well spent.


- Jeremy G., Client

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